Auto Repair Business Plan

Auto repair business plan: the most valuable asset in Auto Repair Business Planorder to achieve both short and long term success is going to be a strategically laid out auto repair shop business plan. Your auto repair shop business plan will be a step by step guide of your entire strategy for your first few years of business.

Your auto repair business plan would consist of a few key elements as follows:

  • The executive summary (introduction and summation of the entire auto repair business plan in whole)
  • Company or corporation structure (Will you run your auto service business as an LLC, s-corp, ect…)
  • Service or product description
  • Marketing plan (This is where your auto repair websites shop business ideas need to be fine tuned, remember you are in a very competitive market. Ask yourself what do you have that they don’t?)
  • 3 year financial projection

One of the best investments that you can make is talking with a professional auto repair business consultant. What the auto repair ¬†shop business consulting will offer is finding out what your auto repair business ideas and needs are and formatting them into a professional fact based auto services business plan. Let a professional walk you through the entire process from laying out a successful business plan to helping choose the correct auto repair business insurance coverage. It would be highly recommended to at least schedule a consultation (which you can obtain for free insert Jay’s info here) to gain unique insight into the auto repair industry as well as effective strategies and solutions.

The above bulleted portions are just a mere glimpse at what it takes to get your business started…SUCCESSFULLY! Keep in mind that there are a lot of auto repair business statistics and general information that need to be gathered to base your business plan and marketing strategy on. You want to make sure that you are going to achieve your projected goals and ultimately make a return on your investment of time, hard work and money.

Auto Repair Business For Sale or Buy

If you have an auto repair business for sale, obviously your approach would be different than what is stated above to start your business. In this case you would be working with a real estate agent who specializes in selling businesses preferably specializing in auto repair businesses for sale. The agent will help you Auto repair business planappraise your business based on your current gross and net sales (In general the key to coming up with this number is taking your annual net sales and multiplying it by 2 and 2.2%. For example your annual net sales are $100,000 then multiplied by 2 and 2.2% would give you a range of value between $200,000 and $220,000). You do have to take into consideration the lease and equipment value to come up with the correct number to list your auto repair marketing shop for sale at. Again the most important thing here is having the correct professional on your team, which would be your real estate agent and possibly your business consultant as well.

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